Mindfulness Practices

The Cool Girls Club Rituals Collection was highly inspired by my personal need to establish mindfulness practices (or rituals) in my life. I felt very uninspired and unmotivated and I found myself feeling stuck more often than I liked. It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t good for my self-confidence. Creating these rituals was a greatContinue reading “Mindfulness Practices”

Just Peachy!

Here’s our second drop of free desktop wallpaper! With original art created by Cool Girls Club, featuring a peachy color palette, and endless summer vibes. Enjoy! 🙂 Click here to download the Sunshine State Of Mind desktop wallpaper Click here to download the Masterpiece desktop wallpaper Click here to download the Trust The Process desktopContinue reading “Just Peachy!”

The Problem With Nice

Something new I’m learning is to get rid of an old habit: being too nice. You learn it as a kid and all throughout growing up, you hear it time and time again: just be nice. But cold hard truth? Nice doesn’t get you anywhere. Sure, it seems innocent enough, but that’s all it reallyContinue reading “The Problem With Nice”

Playlist: Cruzin’

This is a special little baby! It’s a collection of songs I’ve been pretty obsessed with other the past few months. I don’t necessarily listen to them in this order, but I live for every single song on here. They’re all pretty upbeat and fun in their on way and I hope you enjoy them!Continue reading “Playlist: Cruzin’”

Join the BTS Crew

Have you ever wanted to join the Cool Girls Club for real? This might be your lucky day! We’re looking for fun, bright, organized and creative individuals to help us out behind the scenes and help make the magic happen. If you’ve read The Cool Girls Club Manifesto, you’ll know exactly what kind of team we’re looking for.Continue reading “Join the BTS Crew”

Trust The Process

  Last week I spoke in my IG Stories about bad days and struggling to find motivation. Creating things to sell doesn’t just take hard work and passion… it can be very tricky too. There’s a fine line between art as expression and art for commercial consumption, and if you can’t manage or balance theContinue reading “Trust The Process”