Who is Greta Thunberg?


You might’ve heard of her name or seen her face on the internet alongside headlines about the UN and climate change. You may have even heard she’s been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize! But if you haven’t read up about her yet, or watched any of her speeches (if you are gonna watch anything today, let it be this), here’s a short introduction: Greta Thunberg, from a very young age, knew something dire had to be done about the climate crisis. She grew up being educated about it and the more she learned, she understood less why no one was doing anything about it. Surely if the CRISIS was that bad, it would be everyone’s #1 priority. But it wasn’t.

In 2018 she started a school strike outside the Swedish Parliament. She missed classes because she had something more important to do: make it heard that her government, and the governments of the world, have no sense of urgency for the mounting greenhouse gas emissions, mass extinction (which is real and up to 200 species go extinct every single day), or the shocking amount of misinformation and – even more shocking – the LACK of information and education on sustainability WORLDWIDE. Her school strikes inspired other students in over 100 countries to take a similar stand. That year she was invited to speak at the UN Climate Talks. This year her UN speech urged world leaders to act and act NOW.

If you watch anything on the internet today, let it be her TED Talk or one of her UN speeches. Watch her on Trevor Noah for a lighter but still educational take. Watch her, listen to her, educate yourselves on what she’s standing up for.

She is precious and every time I see her face on my feed or watch one of her videos I just wanna give her a huge bear hug. Her speeches are both inspiring and heart-breaking. I hope this inspires more kids and way more adults to do what we can, whatever we can, to give these kids a better future. I know I have a long way to go, but “one person can make a difference.” Rosa Parks proved it. Greta proved it. If we were all but a small percentage of that, imagine what our combined efforts could amount to?

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