Me, Myself and Eye Cream



Have you ever had one of those years that brought really good highs and reaaaaally bad lows? It happens. It sucks. That was me back in 2017. Outwardly it seemed like I was doing 100% – I was going to the gym 3x a week and I looked great! At least I liked the way I looked when I saw myself in the mirror. My skin was clear, I was managing my diet, business was picking up. Aside from my work for CGC, I was getting freelance commissions left and right. I was catching up with really old friends and it felt like healing.

But what I hid from everyone – who I was when no one was watching – was the part of me that cried almost every night. I was recovering from horrible girl drama and I felt like I had just lost a bunch of friends. It made me feel insecure and, honestly, really scared of people. I was also going through grief. One of the toughest. My Lolo (grandfather) was in and out of the hospital – the cancer wasn’t looking good. He was weak and family started flying in to be with him. I spent a lot of time accompanying him on doctor’s visits, taking him out to lunch on days he felt stronger, sometimes just spending time with him in silence. There were some nights I even slept in the hospital to keep him and my Lola (grandmother) company. It was tough. I grew up around them. My dad died when I was 11 and my Lolo took up the mantle of being the man in my life. We were close. My heart constantly felt like it was breaking but I didn’t wanna show anyone because it felt weak and I didn’t wanna be vulnerable like that.

So anyway I needed something to hide it. I started researching on eye cream. Was there anything that made the puffiness go away instantly? Please, just anything. I didn’t need people I met with to think anything of my puffy eyes. I didn’t want my family to see me breaking down like that. I didn’t need my friends to know how sad I was, I didn’t know who it was safe to be vulnerable with.

I started using eye cream. I used it religiously every night. I even bought a day one! I used that on days when my eyes were really bad. I wasn’t sure if it was working or not – I sort of have a theory that eye cream is just a placebo to make you feel like you’re doing something to stop ageing. A brilliant but sad ploy. The thing is, it made me feel good. It made me feel like I was doing something for myself, to heal my grief. I actually still use it everyday – “just in case.” I don’t cry every night anymore but I figured there’s no harm.

It’s been nearly two years and I’m in a better place. I’ve healed from the loss, cried it out. Worked it out. There’s been a lot of personal growth and I’m really happy about that! My career is a whole other story (you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram and watch my Stories), but it took a lot of letting go to be able to be where I am today. I don’t regret it. Taking time off is a different form of healing, but it’s totally necessary.

So the eye cream. I wish I could tell you I’m 100% positive it worked. I wish I could tell you it wiped the sadness from my eyes, that it was my miracle drug, that using it made me happier instantly. Look, this isn’t a dig at eye cream. Maybe it really is effective for puffiness and dark circles. But I realize now while I thought I was looking for the best eye cream out there, I was actually searching for some way to heal the heartache. That’s when I came up with this illustration.

I’m not a chemist or scientist, CGC isn’t a cosmetic brand. I wish this was a real product, that there was some sort of lotion or potion out there made to heal your heart. As you probably know, it’s not that easy or that simple. Bu if you see this and you’re going through something similar, I want you to know you’re not alone. People throw that around a lot these days and we’re not always here to hear it, but it’s true. Here’s my wish for you: that you find something that heals you. It doesn’t have to be something that changes you overnight… it can be a million amazing little things along the road to becoming whole again. <3

Mindfulness Practices

The Cool Girls Club Rituals Collection was highly inspired by my personal need to establish mindfulness practices (or rituals) in my life. I felt very uninspired and unmotivated and I found myself feeling stuck more often than I liked. It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t good for my self-confidence. Creating these rituals was a great way for me to get out of that funk. I might’ve not had a big pictured laid out yet, but I was able to form daily habits that brought me closer to my goals, career-oriented and personal ones alike.

Before you go on reading, I know that we’re all different people. Some of these practices might work for you while others might not be what you need at the moment, or might just not be your “thing” – and that’s totally okay! These are just some of the things that helped me along my journey to healing.

CGC blog mindfulness practices-01

Having a morning routine. This is my favourite way to wake up in the morning:

  • Give my sleepy limbs a good stretch!
  • Brush my teeth and wash my face
  • Put on a happy playlist (mine used to be the Morning Classical Spotify playlist but I’ve recently switched to Christmas Cocktail Jazz)
  • Drink a full glass of water and take my vitamins (I’ve also recently discovered the wonders of probiotics)
  • Cook breakfast
  • Set my intentions for the day (I like to create a to-do list the night before so I can plan my day accordingly)
  • Have coffee and get ready for my day
  • Wear comfortable clothes! Top, top, top priority!

CGC blog mindfulness practices-02.png

Minding my diet. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean keeping a strict diet – at least not in the conventional sense. I’ve always had stomach problems (blame it on genetics) and I’ve always had to be a little extra conscious about the things I eat and put in my body. I’m not the kind of person who has a lot of vices (I don’t drink soft drinks, I don’t enjoy eating candy, I don’t smoke and I rarely ever have any alcohol) and yet I’ve had persisting gut problems since I was around 14. Around a year and a half ago my gastroenterologist told me to lay off gluten. Sadly, this isn’t a “everything in moderation” type of scenario. Apparently laying off gluten is an all-or-nothing-thing! So it’s been a year and a half of no normal bread, normal pizza, normal pasta, even normal dessert!!! I say normal because there are gluten-free options available, they’re just not always gonna taste the same. Italian food has pretty darn tricky to navigate if you can imagine. Sometimes it bums me out, but generally I’ve learned to live with it. I’m not so much bothered by all the restrictions anymore because I’ve made my diet a priority. I might have to work a little harder than others to maintain mu gut health, but I’ve also learned the value of listening to your body – trust me when I tell you your body will let you know exactly what it needs. You just have to listen to it!

CGC blog mindfulness practices-04

Water, water and more water! The magical number you have to remember is 3. Three liters of water a day (4 if you’re a guy!). You might run to the bathroom more often than before, but I promise you, the benefits are so worth it! There are way too many of them for me to list here, but can read up on all the benefits online. Here’s one thing I will say: it’ll cure just about anything you have.

CGC blog mindfulness practices-03

My nighttime skincare regimen. This is my “Me Time” and I take it very, very seriously. It’s when I let myself wind down and focus on my body. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much my self-confidence has improved by just treating myself to a nice body scrub or a face mask in the evening before going to bed. I think it’s just a good sign that you’re taking care of yourself and your limbs and your cells will thank you for it!

CGC blog mindfulness practices-05

Keeping a Gratitude Journal is such a simple practice, but one’s really changed my thoughts and outlook in life. I wish I had thought of it sooner. It encourages me to slow down and reflect on the good parts of my day – count your blessings, as they say. Allowing myself to let the gratitude flow through me and onto the pages of my journal has become a sacred ritual of mine. I recommend to anyone and everyone who is looking for a way to begin writing in a journal. You can commit to 10 things a day but you’d be surprised how easy it is to go for more! And that is such a happy feeling. I’ve created a simple lined Gratitude Journal for Cool Girls Club but you can use any notebook/sketchpad you want to! Make sure to decorate it too and add stickers and pictures – it’ll take a little more time but you’ll love going through it again in the future.

I’m obviously not perfect and I still find myself feeling stuck and unmotivated sometimes. These practices have undoubtedly helped me but I’m always on the search for new ways to be mindful in my everyday life. If you have other rituals that have helped you, I’d love to hear about them in the comments down below!

Who is Greta Thunberg?


You might’ve heard of her name or seen her face on the internet alongside headlines about the UN and climate change. You may have even heard she’s been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize! But if you haven’t read up about her yet, or watched any of her speeches (if you are gonna watch anything today, let it be this), here’s a short introduction: Greta Thunberg, from a very young age, knew something dire had to be done about the climate crisis. She grew up being educated about it and the more she learned, she understood less why no one was doing anything about it. Surely if the CRISIS was that bad, it would be everyone’s #1 priority. But it wasn’t.

In 2018 she started a school strike outside the Swedish Parliament. She missed classes because she had something more important to do: make it heard that her government, and the governments of the world, have no sense of urgency for the mounting greenhouse gas emissions, mass extinction (which is real and up to 200 species go extinct every single day), or the shocking amount of misinformation and – even more shocking – the LACK of information and education on sustainability WORLDWIDE. Her school strikes inspired other students in over 100 countries to take a similar stand. That year she was invited to speak at the UN Climate Talks. This year her UN speech urged world leaders to act and act NOW.

If you watch anything on the internet today, let it be her TED Talk or one of her UN speeches. Watch her on Trevor Noah for a lighter but still educational take. Watch her, listen to her, educate yourselves on what she’s standing up for.

She is precious and every time I see her face on my feed or watch one of her videos I just wanna give her a huge bear hug. Her speeches are both inspiring and heart-breaking. I hope this inspires more kids and way more adults to do what we can, whatever we can, to give these kids a better future. I know I have a long way to go, but “one person can make a difference.” Rosa Parks proved it. Greta proved it. If we were all but a small percentage of that, imagine what our combined efforts could amount to?

Desktop Wallpaper

Hey #coolgirls!

I’m stoked to be sharing my new website design with all of you! This year’s been crazy and I’ve had tons of highs and lows, but at the end of the day I’m extremely thankful to be able to do exactly what I love for a living. I’m not gonna lie, it’s no walk in the park, but if I get to share my voice and my ideas and have you all support me through it – all while working in my pjs – then my life is pretty freaking amazing.

As a way of saying thanks, I’ve designed a few desktop wallpaper designs that you can download for free! Just click on the links below each corresponding photo, et voila!

Happy downloading <3


Click here to download the Pinky Promise desktop wallpaper


Click here to download the Je Ne Sais Quoi desktop wallpaper



Click here to download the Stay Magical desktop wallpaper

The Problem With Nice

cgc-blog-nice-headerSomething new I’m learning is to get rid of an old habit: being too nice. You learn it as a kid and all throughout growing up, you hear it time and time again: just be nice. But cold hard truth? Nice doesn’t get you anywhere. Sure, it seems innocent enough, but that’s all it really is. Nice is safe. Nice is just… nice.

But in this age of the internet taking over the world, crazy people running powerful countries and a terrifyingly insatiable race of human beings, nice can only get you so far.

I’m no stranger this nice mentality. In fact, it’s been my default setting for a while now. I’ve practically taught myself that if I stay nice, I won’t get in any fights and I won’t have shitty friends (“only nice ones”) and it’d probably be easier to communicate with people. But none of that is true and none of that panned out the way I thought it would: I still had a lot of drama, I still had shitty friends, and communicating with others (especially having difficult conversations) wasn’t just something I dreaded, it was plain fucking torture. And then something clicked. I learned something about “nice” that I couldn’t unsee – nice was a trap! I subconsciously let myself settle into the trap of being too nice to the point of near cowardice. I couldn’t stand up for myself, I didn’t know how to weed out toxic friends and I didn’t know how to have important, life-changing, relationship-building discussions. I had become too nice, too passive, too scared of all that. Being nice was a trap I set for myself and I goddamn hated it.

Put in the wrong hands, nice can be a bigger problem than being dramatic or being bitchy, because, I realized, at least people who were dramatic and bitchy knew how to get what they wanted. They knew how to get things done.

Okay, hear this: I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever be nice. I’m not even saying going full bitch is the way to go. I’m saying there’s a time and a place for everything. I’m saying the fault of people who are too nice is they get lost in it.

Solution? Balance. Balance is key. By all means, be nice – but also be courageous. Know when to wield it, and know when you need to use your other qualities superpowers to get the job done.

Playlist: Cruzin’


This is a special little baby! It’s a collection of songs I’ve been pretty obsessed with other the past few months. I don’t necessarily listen to them in this order, but I live for every single song on here. They’re all pretty upbeat and fun in their on way and I hope you enjoy them! If you have time, check out all the artists and their other hits. If you loved this playlist, I can assure you you’ll love their other tracks too.

If you loved this, leave a comment below! If you guys like this enough I’ll take it as a sign to post more playlists. <3

Join the BTS Crew


Have you ever wanted to join the Cool Girls Club for real? This might be your lucky day! We’re looking for fun, bright, organized and creative individuals to help us out behind the scenes and help make the magic happen. If you’ve read The Cool Girls Club Manifesto, you’ll know exactly what kind of team we’re looking for.


If you’re all set, here are some positions we need to fill:



Trust The Process



Last week I spoke in my IG Stories about bad days and struggling to find motivation. Creating things to sell doesn’t just take hard work and passion… it can be very tricky too. There’s a fine line between art as expression and art for commercial consumption, and if you can’t manage or balance the two you can get burnt out really quickly. That “burnt out” phase can last a torturously long time if you’re not careful!

I know because I went through it. I went through it for two whole years and this whole time I’ve felt like such a fraud. Have you ever heard of the Impostor Syndrome? That was me. There were days when I doubted myself to the point where I considered closing this company down and just getting a job at an ad agency. There were months that went by where I didn’t draw or paint or create a single thing – not even a doodle on a napkin – because I was convinced it wouldn’t be as good as everything else I’d already created. What if I was a one trick pony? What if people were sick of my art style and my corny jokes? What if people thought I was trying too hard to be cool or edgy or artistic? It’s funny because it’s so easy to be forgiving of other’s flaws, and yet so critical of our own.




I’ve had to work extremely hard to let go of my fear of failure and gather enough courage to put pen to paper and create something, anything – create things I knew weren’t good, create things that were just for me. The greatest accomplishment wasn’t creating things that sold, but creating things that made me happy. That’s how I proved to myself that I could still do this, and that’s when I realized what being an artist truly meant (or at least what it meant to me).

It’s not about creating things that people wanna see or trying to be super relatable… it’s about creating something for yourself. Create things you wanna see. Paint how you feel. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad – art is relative! What matters is if you like it, if you feel fulfilled having created it… and if not, then you keep trying. An accidental byproduct of all that soul-searching was discovering my new creative process.




Another happy accident was that I started to understand abstract art – something that, before that point, I struggled to appreciate. I could never really understand the shapes or the mess and the (ignorant) proud person I was always thought, “well, I can do that. Anyone can do that.” and so I didn’t really understand the point of it. But after reevaluating myself and taking on a new creative process, I finally started to understand. I think it might actually be the most difficult thing to master, mostly because you’re not creating out of the image and likeness of anything else… it’s purely instinctive. It’s about learning to let go and just let the strokes flow, and it is the most liberating feeling ever.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from all of this, it’s these three important lessons:

  1. Trust your instincts. They’re there for a reason, and they don’t just appear out of thin air (even though it sure feels like they do). They’re a cultivation of your experiences, your logic, and – surprisingly – your spirituality.
  2. Trust the process. Often times you’ll find that things have to get worse before they get better. I think that’s true for almost everything in life, maybe that’s just the cycle of the universe. I remember reading somewhere that the true test for any artist, novice or professional, is pushing yourself to get through the difficult parts of your artwork.
  3. Trust the timing. As much as we’d like to, there are things in life you can’t force or fabricate or even predict. I’d imagine it’s a lot like surfing – you don’t know when the waves will come but you have to be ready to take them on once they do.



cgc-blog-bloom (1)


Have you experienced being burnt out in your career? I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or advice for finding motivation and inspiration. Sound off in the comments section! If you feel what you have to share is too personal, feel free to email me at

I hope you choose yourself today! And I hope you give yourself a pat on the back for it. <3